Industry leading portfolio analysis tool HALO has announced its entrance onto the global stage with the acquisition of Macrovue, allowing Australian investors access cost-competitive access to international markets.

Until now, Australians have struggled to break into international trading markets, with high brokerage costs, exchange rate fees, and difficult-to-find market insights proving too great a barrier for entry.

However, the addition of US-led indices to the HALO platform, overseen by the acquisition of Macrovue, is ground-breaking for Australian investors. Macrovue’s primary function is the facilitation of domestic and international trading via its proprietary platform, with cost and capability both “beating the banks”, according to HALO creator, Nicolas Bryon.

Australian Performance and Global Comparison

The ASX ranks as the world’s 16th largest stock exchange by market cap, with average share growth in Australia at 9.1% per annum over a 30-year period, according to research from Vanguard. However, US stocks performed significantly better over the long term, with an average growth of 10.6% for the same period.

For Australian investors, brokers, and fund managers, breaking into the performance potentials of the US market, and other global markets has often been non-viable. The consequence is that Australians regularly risk missing out on investment in cutting edge developments, especially in the fast-moving tech industry.

However, Macrovue specifically targets global trends, bringing the world of development to the fingertips of Australian investors.

The proprietary technology is also set to be white-labelled through various distribution channels, giving international access to investors through their current brokers and financial advisors.

With US and Asian markets outpacing Australian markets in a number of key industries earmarked for future growth, the news of Macrovue’s acquisition is welcome to those seeking new channels of investment.

Vues To Suit All Investor Preferences

A key differentiator for Macrovue is the availability of themed portfolio selection. Called ‘Vues’, the platform selects a concentrated bundle of ten global stocks based on up-to-date themes, such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, or Sustainable Food.

Millennial and younger investors are increasingly seeking investments based as much on their impact as their returns. Macrovue’s cutting-edge thematic selections means that people no longer have to balance return potential against ethical concerns, or spend unnecessary time finding the right stocks.

Each Vue is presented as a ready-made bundle of 10 diversified stocks, chosen both by theme and performance capabilities. Despite the apparent simplicity, the proprietary quant model works behind the scenes to ensure the right balance of risk, taking historical performance and quantitative into account before selecting the bundle.

By choosing the Vue that suits both their financial goals and your global concerns, investors will guarantee solid performance while maintaining clarity around the projects their investments help fund.

July 3, 2019